Htio je da nahrani aligatora, ali umjesto hrane predator mu umalo nije glavu otkinuo

Ogromni aligator snimljen je kako kreće ka glavi čovjeka koji je kleknuo da bi ga nahranio na Floridi.

Biolog Kristofer Žilet objavio je zastrašujući snimak na svom Instagramu.

Uprkos tome što je stručnjak za aligatore i ajkule, Kristofer je željeo da podsjeti gledaoce da ove životinje nikako nisu pitome.

Snimak počinje tako što je biolog kleknuo nekoliko centimetara dalje od aligatora, koji se zove Seven.

Pozvao je predatora dok je u ruci držao hranu, koji je krenuo ka njemu, ali umjesto da uzme komad iz ruke, krenuo je ka njegovoj glavi.

Djelujući instiktivno, Žilet je stavio ruku ispod njegovih usta i odgurnuo je životinju.

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Like I always put in my captions, the gators are not tame and every once in a while they’ll try you. – I posted a few photos of me and 7 a few days ago and mentioned how he went for me, this is the video. I call him over and from the start he is focused on me, he knows he’s supposed to go to my hand and usually makes the shift over but this time he wanted to see if he could get me. I see that he is going to try me but I choose not to move or react until the last minute so as to not influence his behavior. I do this so I can see exactly what’s going on in his head, I like to see what they’ll try to do if given the chance. Even though I’ve worked with 7 over a decade, he’s still an apex predator and an opportunist. He’s pretty well trained but I always have to be vigilant and aware. – It’s really interesting to see that as soon as I “catch” him he turns away and is immediately embarrassed (for lack of a better word), like he knows he did something wrong and just wants to slide away, uninterested in the food anymore. The social dynamic here is really fascinating. – And before everyone comments that it’s because the food wasn’t big enough, I usually do the exact same training with an EMPTY hand and the food behind my back, it has NOTHING to do with the size of the food, he just decided he wanted to see what he could get away with here. The food I’m using is gator chow, a pellet formula specifically made for gators composed of fish, chicken, and other things. I use it for training as a great, not part of their main diet. – Also see how he steps in the mouth of the other gator😂 since 7 is dominant the other gator is like “sorry sir did my mouth get in the way of your foot”😂😂😂 – Gabby and I are the sole owners of this video, any unauthorized use will be reported for copyright infringement. – At @evergladesholidaypark Hat shirt and sunglasses by @realsaltlife video by @gabbynikolle #gator #alligator #everglades #florida #southflorida #biggator #animaltraining

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